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🕹 Getting Started

🕹 Guide

After installing the module and setting up your FastApi app:

Main classes and packages are FastMail ConnectionConfig MessageSchema email_utils.DefaultChecker email_utils.WhoIsXmlApi

FastMail class

class has following attributes and methods

  • config : ConnectionConfig class should be passed in order to establish connection

  • send_message : The methods has two attributes, message: MessageSchema, template_name=None

    • message : where you define message sturcture for email
    • template_name : if you are using jinja2 consider template_name as well for passing HTML.

ConnectionConfig class

class has following attributes

  • MAIL_USERNAME : Username for email, some email hosts separates username from the default sender(AWS).
    • If you service does not provide username use sender address for connection.
  • MAIL_PASSWORD : Password for authentication
  • MAIL_SERVER : SMTP Mail server.
  • MAIL_STARTTLS : For STARTTLS connections
  • MAIL_SSL_TLS : For connecting over TLS/SSL
  • MAIL_DEBUG : Debug mode for while sending mails, defaults 0.
  • MAIL_FROM : Sender address
  • MAIL_FROM_NAME : Title for Mail
  • TEMPLATE_FOLDER: If you are using jinja2, specify template folder name
  • SUPPRESS_SEND: To mock sending out mail, defaults 0.
  • USE_CREDENTIALS: Defaults to True. However it enables users to choose whether or not to login to their SMTP server.
  • VALIDATE_CERTS: Defaults to True. It enables to choose whether to verify the mail server's certificate

MessageSchema class

class has following attributes

  • recipients : List of recipients.
  • attachments : attachments within mail
  • subject : subject content of the mail
  • body : body of the message
  • cc : cc recipients of the mail
  • bcc : bcc recipients of the mail
  • reply_to : Reply-To recipients in the mail
  • charset : charset defaults to utf-8
  • subtype : subtype of the mail defaults to plain

email_utils.DefaultChecker class

Default class for checking email from collected public resource. The class makes it possible to use redis to save data.

  • source : optional source for collected email data.
  • db_provider : switch to redis

email_utils.WhoIsXmlApi class

WhoIsXmlApi class provide working with api WhoIsXmlApi This service gives free 1000 requests for checking email address per month.

  • token : token you can get from this WhoIsXmlApi link
  • email : email for checking